Kevin Gilbride has been Head Coach/GM of the XFL New York franchise than less than a day and he’s already making some noise. When asked by local sports reporter, Geoff Magliocchetti, on Gilbride’s thoughts on Manning in the XFL he just smiled and said “We’ll see!” and replied that he feels Eli would enjoy himself in the upcoming XFL.

As Magliocchetti mentions in his Tweet, Manning’s contract expires with the Giants after the 2019-20 season, which is one week prior to the XFL inaugural kickoff. Oliver Luck has stated in past interviews that in order to be eligible for the XFL draft, you would need to sit out the season for any fall leagues.

That being said, I would said it’s highly unlikely that we see Manning for the 2020 season, but if the XFL succeeds, there’s no reason we don’t see him in 2021.

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